We are Not A Phase

Support Trans Lives

The Misfits program focuses on breaking down the barriers between members of the Trans+ community and traditional fitness spaces. We offer a 4-week intensive program with 2-3 Classes a week. where we will educate participants in all aspects of fitness, self-defence pilates general well-being and confidence building. Our team of instructors are handpicked based on their years of experience across all aspects of fitness and their awareness of the needs of Trans+ people.

You will receive a personalised assessment and each participant will have their coaching tailored to their abilities with full support for the duration of the program. We invite you into our gym that is an inclusive LGBTQ+ safe space where you will be able to take part in Pilates classes led by Emma, studio fitness classes, self-defence or gyms sessions with personal training from Cairo, Liam, Tash, Amanda and Alix.

Location - Victus Soul

After running a very successful launch program at Victus Soul, we now run our Misfits programs in partnership with Gymbox, whose beautiful, modern gym spaces operate with a zero-tolerance policy to prejudice. We welcome between 15-20 misfits per program and pride ourselves on making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

 To apply for entry to our programme, please email us misfits@notaphase.org and we will reply with availability.