Gender Recognition Act Reformation

In 2020, trans+ rights have become more of a talking point in society and politics than ever. For trans+ people, our mission is to be understood, valued and enabled to reach our full potential both professionally and in our personal lives.
This year, there has been debate as to whether transgender people are allowed to self identify to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate for legal recognition or go through the current lengthy, costly and intrusive process that is currently in place.
There is currently a petition on the government website you can sign to support the reformation of the Gender Recognition Act, to allow transgender people to self identify as their chosen gender. This reformation will also allow non-binary and gender fluid people to be legally recognised, validating their gender identity.
As the topic is up for debate, the time to act on this is now. 
To do more for the trans+ community you can write to your local MP and also the prime minister.
Here is a template on Google Docs of what you could send to your MP:
Here is the link to contact your member of Parliament to your local area:
And you can also write to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, too: