Support Trans Lives

Project bootcamp is run externally by Rebecca Tallon de Havilland, to apply, please click here.


Project Bootcamp was born out of an idea I had whilst sitting in a gender clinic waiting room. I realised that if you “looked the part” everyone working on the reception treated you with respect, but if you didn’t quite fit in, you were treated differently and I felt it was cruel. So as I was a top hair and make up artist back in Ireland and had been the proud owner of a modelling agency, maybe I could and should try and make a difference.

Project Bootcamp was born, I started small, just 1 hour a week just talking about image and confidence, this has grown thanks to 56 Dean street kindly allowing me to run it from there. As it grew, so did my ambitions for it and now 4 yrs on we deliver a range of classes inc CV writing, Health & wellness, sexual health awareness, etc. This is all helped by our great allies at Kensington Palace, Gilead Science, KU Bar and Not A Phase. Kensington Palace gives us 3 days where we do training, photoshoots and our wonderful annual Graduation! 

At present due to COVID restrictions, we operate as Zoomcamp, there may be a pandemic but as a trans woman on a mission, I can’t let that stop me doing something for my community!