Support Trans Lives

Not A Phase was founded with the key initiative of uplifting and supporting a trans economy in the UK, through fundraising and the sales of our merchandise, we are now able to accept applications for assistance. We have the ability to help a limited amount of projects and businesses per quarter, each application is thoroughly evaluated by our board of trustees and we will offer as much support as we can. If you are trans or gender nonconforming and you would like support in the form of finances, materials or mentorship to help build, maintain or grow your initiatives, we want to hear from you!

Submit Your Application

Tell us all about what you’re doing or plan to do, breaking down exactly what you need, how it will be used/spent and over what period of time. Please go into as much detail as possible.

Once you’ve submitted your application, it may take some time until you hear back from us, but even if unsuccessful, we will be back in touch. We’re only able to offer assistance to UK based initiatives and businesses that are owned/operated by trans or gender non conforming people.

If you require any help with filling out the form below, please contact us hello@notaphase.org. Terms and conditions apply.