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brianna ghey’s mum launches campaign to help other youth

Published on: 08.09.2023

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The mother of Brianna Ghey, the 16 year old trans girl who was murdered earlier this year, has today launched a new mental health and wellbeing campaign aimed at giving children the skills to be able to deal with their negative emotions better.

Esther Ghey has joined forces with the Warrington Guardian to ensure that young people are given the tools to be able to cope with negative emotions in a health way – which she believes will lead to less mental health issues and a more empathetic society. Working with the Peace in Mind charity campaign they are raising funds for the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP).

The money raised will enable staff in Warrington’s schools to receive training and guidance that will help equip them to understand the support students need, with the hope that this will in turn assist children build more resilience and better coping mechanisms.

Esther spoke of the campaign, saying:“The traumatic impact that this had on my family was so enormous, that I decided to help make a difference to our society to reduce the risk of this happening again to another young person.”

Mindfulness techniques in schools will allow children to process and deal with negative emotions in a healthy way – preventing mental health problems from developing in later life.

“The crime that was inflicted on Brianna is not a one off. Senseless acts of violence are happening far too often.

“I believe, to prevent this from reoccurring we need to weave empathy, compassion, and resilience throughout our society.”

The short-term goal of the campaign is to train teachers in the Warrington area in these skills and evaluate the impact it is having – with the hope that this scheme can be rolled out nationwide if successful.

You can find out more details about the campaign and donate here.