At Misfits we believe that everyone should have the right to feel confident, empowered and safe.

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Misfits is a fitness, wellbeing and self defence programme created by Not A Phase, powered by Nike. Focussing on confidence building whilst breaking down the barriers between the Trans+ community and traditional gym spaces.

Our team of instructors are handpicked based on their years of experience across all aspects of health and wellbeing, along with their awareness of the needs of Trans+ people.

We run our Misfits program in partnership with various different gym spaces across the UK, all with beautiful, modern gym spaces that operate with a zero-tolerance policy to prejudice. We welcome between 15-20 misfits per class.

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To become a Misfit, please email us

misfits faqs

Wear anything you like and feel comfortable in, just keep in mind that you will be moving around and getting warm, so probably best to wear layers for the journey and then keep it simple with layers that you can remove to stay comfortable. These classes are only for trans+ people and there is no right or wrong. There are changing facilities near the studio so bring a few options if you are unsure and then decide once you get a feel for the session!

All venues we select for misfits are safe spaces, you will be able to use the facilities that you feel best suit you along with your fellow misfits and they all have a locker spaces that is separate from the changing facilities. Most of the gym spaces will also have a space for you to change in, but we do recommend turning up to the class in the outfit you’d like to work out in.

We run small classes with very experienced instructors who tailor their classes and exercises to the people in the room, don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner or more experienced, you will receive the correct workout for your abilities.

The classes are in a public gym but in a private area/studio which is not overlooked by the general public, you can exercise with your fellow misfits in privacy.

On the day of your induction, you will arrive to meet your instructor, they will show you around the gym and show you where to change or leave your things. You will be welcomed in to the group and have your needs assessed and begin a gentle workout to get you warmed up, no one is expecting too much, you can set your own pace, slowing things down if you need to at first, these are NOT boot camp style workouts, they are for your enjoyment!

Our venues are carefully vetted and checked and meet a great standard on LGBTQIA+ exclusivity, all staff are aware of the program and that a lot of attendees are newcomers to the gym, they will be there to help and assist you if needed.

Misfits programmes run on a continuous basis in all of our locations, so they run classes each week and it is no longer a course that you follow for a certain amount of time. If you’re looking to exercise regularly, then Misfits is definitely recommended for you.

All of the classes are free. We just need you to book your spot to be able to attend.

Even though Misfits takes place in specific gyms, the program does not require you to have a gym membership to attend any of the classes.

The classes are exclusively to Trans+ people, if you have a fellow trans+ friend or want to recommend to a trans+ newcomer, we always welcome new people in to the misfits community.