vocal training videos for trans+ adults

trans vocal academy

We’re so excited to be collaborating with Stephen (@trans.voice) and hosting his series that aims at educating trans+ people on their voices and how to use their voice, how to look after their vocal health, as well as accessing information about how it works and give them the tools they need to produce a voice that is healthy and they like the sound of.

Trans Voice Academy

Stephen (@trans.voice) has created a series of great informative videos that go through the different aspects of an individual’s voice and some of the changes that can occur when transitioning and taking different hormones. Funded by Transforming Futures Partnership, these videos will give you techniques and vocal exercises that you can complete to try and adapt how your voice works to ensure you’re feeling your most comfortable and confident self.

trans masculine vocal exercises

In this video, Stephen goes through some of the key features of the voice that should be exercised when looking for a more masculine voice, including some warmups to complete, the vocal exercises you can work on, as well as the effects that taking testosterone can have on your voice.

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vocal warmups

Stephen highlights the importance of making sure you correctly warm up your voice before completing any exercises, to ensure your vocal chords are kept in the healthiest condition possible!

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non-binary vocal toolkit

In this episode, Stephen goes through some of the techniques and skills that you can use to adapt your voice to have increased flexibility and fluidity in your voice, and more neutral in terms of sound for any non-binary, gender non-conforming or gender-fluid individuals.

trans femme voice

In this episode, Stephen goes through lots of different exercises that focus on pitch, resonance, placement and weight of your voice and how to adapt this to suit your desires.

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vocal health & hygiene

In this episode, Stephen goes through practical ways to look after your voice and ensure that your voice can last longer, feel better and work in an efficient and healthy way.

Stephen is joined by Clarissa Hardaker, who is a speech language therapist who works regularly with trans+ adults. They go through some exercises that you can do to look after your vocal health and hygiene.

bonus: singing voice

In this bonus episode, Stephen walks you through the basics of your singing voice, including 2 gentle warmups to give you a starting place to experiment with your voice.


It’s incredibly useful for us to gather feedback about this programme and will help us to develop future content, so please give us your honest feedback about these videos!