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Own Your Space

Join our free, monthly online safe spaces for trans+ adults who experience neuro diversity, mental health conditions and learning disabilities, hosted by The Queer Therapist!

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Own Your Space is an online social and affirming safe space for trans+ people with neuro diversity, mental health conditions and learning disabilities, bought to you by Not A Phase and The Queer Therapist.

This is a space for neurodivergent people who are trans+ or gender questioning there have been numerous studies showing People who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are around six times as likely to be autistic or with ADHD.

During our time serving the community, we have encountered many people with differing neurodiversity and we are here alongside Chris the queer therapist to provide an online space for you to be able to discuss and understand both the beauty and struggle of being neurodivergent and trans+.

We are offering monthly 90-minute online sessions which will be hosted by Chris and occasionally other guest professionals to have honest discussions on varying topics and provide support and a safe social space.

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