2020 was the year that we found new ways to connect, new ways to have our voices heard and new ways to create change, this was especially true for Danielle St James and Jacqui Devon, the two friends that, in the face of adversity, found strength. After a successful t-shirt sales campaign championed by Jacqui to raise money for donation to a trans+ youth charity, the pair put their heads together and got the ball rolling on inaugurating Not A Phase as a charity that would focus solely on assisting trans and gender non-conforming adults (ages 18+). 

With the media at the time leaking documents that confirmed the governments plans to roll back the rights of trans+ people across the UK, discussions of the enforcement of ‘the single-sex space’ act and the removal of healthcare to young people, Danielle and Jacqui were at the forefront of the protests that took place on the streets of Central London throughout the summer. 

Behind the scenes, they began to seek advice and identify the key areas that they could provide help to trans+ adults in their quest for independence, pulling together a board of trustees from all walks of life that would give the organisation a broad scope on how to have the biggest impact and help the largest amount of people. Once Not A Phase was fully set up, Jacqui took the decision to focus on her studies and step away from the organisation, Danielle now heads up the team, supported by the board of trustees and her network of change-makers.

Not A Phase will support and champion the trans+ community via education and financial and material investment. We believe education is the key to creating real, long-term change. By providing training to institutions and corporate companies on the real trans+ experience we aim to break down stigma and prejudice and to foster stronger social inclusion and equality for the trans community. From the funds generated by these and other fundraising activities, we will provide essential financial and material assistance to trans+ people and trans+ businesses in order to address structural inequalities and lift the voices of the community.