Founded by Jacqui Devon & Dani St James in 2020, Not A Phase is based in Central London. After feeling exhausted by the news both in the UK and internationally surrounding the reversal of rights of trans people, the potential removal in healthcare for trans youth and the enforcement of the single-sex spaces act, Jacqui channelled her trauma into creativity and started what was only ever supposed to be a t-shirt design to benefit a trans youth charity, adorned with the slogan "Not A Phase: Support Trans Youth".
Following massively successful sales, Jacqui partnered up with lifelong friend Dani and this is when Not A Phase Ltd was inaugurated. Now established with charity registration pending, the trans duo are lobbying for change and making a difference to trans lives across the UK, now adopting the slogan "Not A Phase: Support Trans Lives". 
Not A Phase will support and champion the trans community via education and financial and material investment. We believe public education is the key to creating real, long-term change. By providing training to institutions and corporate companies on the real trans experience we aim to break down stigma and prejudice and to foster stronger social inclusion and equality for the trans community.
From the funds generated by these and other fundraising activities, we will provide essential financial and material assistance to trans people and trans businesses in order to address structural inequalities and lift the voices of the community.